Dec 8, 2012

The Jump (El salto)

Girona, June 20th, 2008 © Marcin Świostek

This is probably the best (color) picture I've ever made. I'll leave it for your consideration. The story behind this one is not about the moment I took it, but what happened afterwards.

It was one of the finalists in Capturadanza contest for Teatro de Madrid in 2008. When I went to Madrid for the final ceremony I had an opportunity to be introduced to Luis Agudo. He was a ballet dancer and a choreographer and now he's a ballet and dance photographer. Why being introduced to him was so important? Well, he tried to convince the rest of the jury that my photo should won the contest. We had a little chat about ballet and photography. I didn't even cared for the first place then. Just knowing that a person who dedicated his life to both ballet and capturing its greatest moments was enough.

Sometimes we don't realize that one kind word from a person we hold an authority in what we do means more than any price or contest won. Even if we deny it.

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